Saturday, March 20, 2010


It amazes me how our little acts of kindness to others, can make a huge impact in their lives. A few days ago my mom shared a really powerful story that reminded me of how important it is to be a blessing to all that come my way. My mom owns a gift shop in town and about a year ago, there was a lady that walked in and wanted to buy a pink hat. As this lady was looking at the item, she said to my mom that she normally doesn't wear hats, but she is soon going to need it. Mom could have easily ignored her, but instead she asked her why she would be needing it soon. This opened up the opportunity for this lady to explain that she had cancer and was going to start treatments, which would make her lose her hair. Filled with compassion for this woman, mom wouldn't allow her to pay for the hat and just gave it to her. The lady was so touched that a total stranger would do this for her. After speaking with mom for awhile, she left the store. Even though mom didn't know if she would ever see her again or ever know the turnout, she went home that day and prayed for this woman. She actually prayed for her several different times.

Well, about 5 days ago as mom was working a woman walked up to her and said, "Hi, honey do you remember me?" Mom didn't know who she was, so the lady said, "It's me, I was in your store a year ago and you gave me a free hat." Mom then knew exactly who she was. This lady was so excited to tell mom that she is now cancer free, and to show her that she has all of her beautiful hair back! She even pulled on her hair and said, "Look, it's mine." The main reason she came into the store was because she remembered mom's kindness to her. She told mom over and over again how she is her "guardian angel" and that she tells everyone how her "guardian angel" has been with her through her whole journey. She also said, "I remember when you told me that you would pray for me. I knew that you were because I could feel it." She then blew mom a kiss and left. What an amazing story!

It's so important to realize that being a blessing to someone doesn't have to be about money. Sometimes it's your smile, your time or in this case a listening ear and a $6 hat. The cool thing with blessings is that they don't only impact the person who receives the blessing, but it also changes the life of the person who gave it, when they see the difference they made. May God Bless you and keep showing you how to BE the difference.


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