Wednesday, March 10, 2010


How it makes a difference in your life and in the world! I decided a little while back that I am not going to let the negative attitudes of others ruin any of my days. It’s so easy to let another person’s attitude affect your happiness. I can remember times I would start off my day in a happy mood and I would be thinking about different things I want to do or get involved in, and then something negative would come along and steal my joy. For example, every once in awhile at work I will take a call from a customer who is not very friendly, or there are times when a friend or family member may be in a bad mood and they call me up telling me how wrong everything is. Now if a friend wants to vent to me, fine. I am here to listen, and I love to be an encouragement; however, I realized that if I got too emotionally attached to the matter, I began to not only fuel their fire by speaking negatively with them, but I started one of my own inside. I started to notice that after hearing upsetting news from others, or speaking to the not so friendly customer on the phone, that I would immediately think, “Well they just took away my moment of happiness.” Truth is no one steals your happiness or your joy at any time unless you let them. Now I know it’s not always easy depending on the situation of course, and we all have emotions which we’re allowed; however, I began to understand that I can choose whether or not to react to those emotions.

I look at it like this, if I don’t have a responsibility in the matter then I don’t need to have or express my opinion, or carry a burden that is not mine. When a difficult person that you interact with at the grocery store, mall, work, etc. comes your way and they are acting up, just let them be them. Don’t take part in their bitter and brokenness because first, there is a reason they are that way, and second, by you treating them the same way how is your light shining? Actually your kindness will sow a seed in their lives, which is far better for them and you, instead of petty words that are worthless in the end. I can tell you that when you hold your tongue, even when it’s difficult, you will look back at the end of the day, thankful, that you kept the right attitude. Furthermore, we can make a decision that our happiness is not dependent upon other people and their mood for the day. It’s our decision as to whether we are going to keep our joy and for how long.

One of my favorite quotes by Helen Keller is, “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”

Have a great day everyone!


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