Tuesday, June 8, 2010

They are listening!

For those of you that are parents, I am sure you wonder from time to time if your kids are really getting all of the good things you are trying to instill in them. I have been wondering about this lately, and yesterday I got my answer. Most of you probably know that my 12 yr. old son, Dalton, had an accident on his bike Monday night and injured his wrist. It didn't seem bad at first, he even continued to ride his bike for the rest of the night, and he went to school the next morning like normal. Around 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, I got a call from the school nurse and she said Dalton's wrist is a little swollen and she feels we should have it looked at. I of course went and picked him up right away and I could tell he looked a little frightened. He was mainly afraid because he heard the school nurse say that his wrist could be broken. I didn't really say much at the time because I figured I would try to console him once we walked outside. Before I had a chance to say anything he said to me, "Mom, can we pray tonight that God will heal my hand." I told him that we don't have to wait until tonight - we can do it right here in the car. I explained that God hears us at all times no matter where we are. That was such an amazing experience. I pray with Dalton everyday, and I assume that he is paying attention, but today I knew he was. He had a specific need, and he knew to turn to God for help. My heart was so filled with joy because he was fully aware that God is our Healer. Kevin and I make it a point to teach him about God's love, and to see him grasping that was so fulfilling.

This was such a blessing to me, it was like God was letting me know that I am going in the right direction as a parent. So, the next time you wonder if your kids are getting it, they are. The examples that we set for our children through our actions and teachings are so important because they are watching and listening. You don't have to be perfect, but I recommend as parents, that we continually pray for God to mold and shape us into the parents He wants us to be.

Good night everyone and remember to walk in love and speak in peace.