Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He is with us!

Isn't it a great thing to know that no matter where you are, what you do, or what you are going through, God is with you! I have always had a general sense of this, but I was pleasantly reminded of this last week during a pretty overwhelming time. It was going to be an incredibly busy week for me, and I remember waking up one morning thinking about all the things I needed to have done by the weeks end. I was mainly wondering how I will get everything done. As I laid in bed trying to figure this out, I could feel the tension starting to build on my shoulders. I guess somewhere in between the thoughts of "What am I going to do, and how will I do this?" I heard something. I heard birds singing. I immediately thought about one of my favorite verses. Matthew 6:26 reads, "Look at the birds of the air, they neither sow nor reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable then they?" It was then that I realized that if God can take care of the birds and supply all of their needs, then He can do the same for me. It's such an awesome thing to know that no matter what is ahead, you are not alone. God can meet you right where you're at and He delights in doing so.

Have a great day everyone and remember to walk in love and speak in peace.


Saturday, March 20, 2010


It amazes me how our little acts of kindness to others, can make a huge impact in their lives. A few days ago my mom shared a really powerful story that reminded me of how important it is to be a blessing to all that come my way. My mom owns a gift shop in town and about a year ago, there was a lady that walked in and wanted to buy a pink hat. As this lady was looking at the item, she said to my mom that she normally doesn't wear hats, but she is soon going to need it. Mom could have easily ignored her, but instead she asked her why she would be needing it soon. This opened up the opportunity for this lady to explain that she had cancer and was going to start treatments, which would make her lose her hair. Filled with compassion for this woman, mom wouldn't allow her to pay for the hat and just gave it to her. The lady was so touched that a total stranger would do this for her. After speaking with mom for awhile, she left the store. Even though mom didn't know if she would ever see her again or ever know the turnout, she went home that day and prayed for this woman. She actually prayed for her several different times.

Well, about 5 days ago as mom was working a woman walked up to her and said, "Hi, honey do you remember me?" Mom didn't know who she was, so the lady said, "It's me, I was in your store a year ago and you gave me a free hat." Mom then knew exactly who she was. This lady was so excited to tell mom that she is now cancer free, and to show her that she has all of her beautiful hair back! She even pulled on her hair and said, "Look, it's mine." The main reason she came into the store was because she remembered mom's kindness to her. She told mom over and over again how she is her "guardian angel" and that she tells everyone how her "guardian angel" has been with her through her whole journey. She also said, "I remember when you told me that you would pray for me. I knew that you were because I could feel it." She then blew mom a kiss and left. What an amazing story!

It's so important to realize that being a blessing to someone doesn't have to be about money. Sometimes it's your smile, your time or in this case a listening ear and a $6 hat. The cool thing with blessings is that they don't only impact the person who receives the blessing, but it also changes the life of the person who gave it, when they see the difference they made. May God Bless you and keep showing you how to BE the difference.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


How it makes a difference in your life and in the world! I decided a little while back that I am not going to let the negative attitudes of others ruin any of my days. It’s so easy to let another person’s attitude affect your happiness. I can remember times I would start off my day in a happy mood and I would be thinking about different things I want to do or get involved in, and then something negative would come along and steal my joy. For example, every once in awhile at work I will take a call from a customer who is not very friendly, or there are times when a friend or family member may be in a bad mood and they call me up telling me how wrong everything is. Now if a friend wants to vent to me, fine. I am here to listen, and I love to be an encouragement; however, I realized that if I got too emotionally attached to the matter, I began to not only fuel their fire by speaking negatively with them, but I started one of my own inside. I started to notice that after hearing upsetting news from others, or speaking to the not so friendly customer on the phone, that I would immediately think, “Well they just took away my moment of happiness.” Truth is no one steals your happiness or your joy at any time unless you let them. Now I know it’s not always easy depending on the situation of course, and we all have emotions which we’re allowed; however, I began to understand that I can choose whether or not to react to those emotions.

I look at it like this, if I don’t have a responsibility in the matter then I don’t need to have or express my opinion, or carry a burden that is not mine. When a difficult person that you interact with at the grocery store, mall, work, etc. comes your way and they are acting up, just let them be them. Don’t take part in their bitter and brokenness because first, there is a reason they are that way, and second, by you treating them the same way how is your light shining? Actually your kindness will sow a seed in their lives, which is far better for them and you, instead of petty words that are worthless in the end. I can tell you that when you hold your tongue, even when it’s difficult, you will look back at the end of the day, thankful, that you kept the right attitude. Furthermore, we can make a decision that our happiness is not dependent upon other people and their mood for the day. It’s our decision as to whether we are going to keep our joy and for how long.

One of my favorite quotes by Helen Keller is, “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”

Have a great day everyone!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Post!

Hello everyone,

This is my first post on my new blog. I have been wanting to do this for a long time, and am glad to have finally started. Can't promise how frequently I will post, but it is my goal to post as much as possible. As you all know, life can be pretty busy at times, but I am determined to find a healthy balance.

Ever have one of those days where it seems more went wrong then right? I hear you loud and clear. Today I was reminded that even though everything in my day wasn't perfect, I can still choose to reflect on the positive things that happened. My light will still shine and a smile will be upon my face whether sharing it with a friend or a stranger. I believe it is so important, no matter how small, to always focus on the good things that happen in our daily walk. The negative always leads us astray and takes the focus away from the good things we have now, and what could be.