Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

As I think about Mother's Day, I am reminded of how amazing my Mom is. I truly appreciate all that she does for our family everyday,and what she has done for me all my life and continues to do. I can't help but feel blessed when these things come to mind. She has always given my brother and I nothing but her best and then some. I see her doing the same thing with Dalton, and believe me when I say that she is a proud Grandma! When I need her to help out with Dalton there is no hesitation, or when I simply need someone to talk to, her ears are open. I am also reminded of my Grandma as well. She will be 81 this year and is still more loving than ever. Dalton is her pride and joy and has dinner with both of his Great Grandparents at least once a week.

As a Mom I understand that even the basic day to day things that we provide for our kids show love. A clean home, meals, laundry, help with school work are all done because we love our children. I think it's great, as Dalton is getting older, when he thanks me for doing little things around the house that I didn't expect to get thanked for. As moms we understand that there are a lot of "behind the scenes" planning that has to be done for everything to look perfect on the exterior, and it's nice when it's recognized.

Moms, I encourage you to always enjoy your children right where they are no matter what age or stage they are in. The years go by so quick and you can't get the time back. I also believe it's important for us to thank our Moms often not just on Mother's Day. I know there are many of you that wish you had the opportunity to do so, but can't. I see that with Kevin, and Mother's Day can be difficult for those without their Moms around to thank. The good news is that the memories are always there and are kept alive by those that are without. I love it when Kevin shares stories about Beverly with Dalton and I. He is so enthusiastic making it seem like those memories were just made yesterday. His smile is a reflection of memories made because of a great Mom. I don't know about you, but I want to be that type of Mom who gives so much joy and love to my child that he can't help but smile when he thinks about me.

Happy Mother's Day everyone, and remember to always walk in love and speak in peace.


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